The 10 Onsens You Should Visit in Kagoshima

The 10 Onsens You Should Visit in Kagoshima


Since we’ve finished reporting onsens in the Kyushu region, from this article, we are starting a series of articles to let you know our selections categorized by some topics. The first topic in this series is “The 10 Onsens You Should Visit in Kagoshima.” It is said that you can enjoy all kinds of hot springs existing in the world in Kagoshima, and there actually are a lot of excellent onsens. We’ve selected 10 places out of them.

1. Yugawachi Onsen "Kajikaso"


If you visit Kagoshima to enjoy hot springs, Kajikaso is a must-go place. The first time you visit, we are sure you will be surprised with its crystal-clear hot spring water. As the water is naturally bubbling up directly from the bottom of the bathtub, it always keeps freshness and the temperature is moderate (39°C|102°F). You can get relaxed deeply while soaking in the bath in Kajikaso.


Yugawachi Onsen "Kajikaso"

  • Address: 2060, Takemoto, Izumi, Kagoshima
  • Tel: 0996-62-1535
  • Opening Hours: Daily 07:30 - 19:30
  • Price: JPY 300

2. Kirishima Yunotani Sanso


If you like sulphur hot spring, Kirishima Yunotani Sanso is highly recommended. Yunotani Sanso offers three types of bathes, the one at the far side is a hot sulphur spring, the one at the near side is a tepid carbon dioxide spring, and the one at the centre is a mixed whose temperature is moderate. You can take any of these bathes as you like.


Kirishima Yunotani Sanso

  • Address: 4970 Makizono-chō Takachiho, Kirishima, Kagoshima
  • Tel: 099-578-2853
  • Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 - 15:00 (last entry at 14:00, and exclusive for hotel guests from 16:00)
  • Closing Days: Not specified
  • Price: JPY 500

3. Ibusuki Onsen "Muranoyu Onsen"

Muranoyu Onsen is an old bathhouse and is nicely aged. It opened in 152 years ago at the centre of a rice paddy field. It has a long history and Takamori Saigo visited here in 1874. The hot spring water color changes daily depending on the environmental conditions. For example, it can be dark brown as shown in this picture or milky-white on some days. This shows that the water is 100% pure natural and not artificially modified.


Ibusuki Onsen "Muranoyu Onsen"

  • Address: 3-16-2, Omure, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
  • Tel: 099-323-3713
  • Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 - 22:00
  • Price: JPY 300

4. Momiji Onsen

“Have you ever seen such a clear light-green hot spring water?” When I tell someone about Momiji Onsen, I always ask this question. This family-run onsen offers a clear sulphur spring with an excellent smooth touch. I also like the combination of the orange tiles and green water, it’s really charming and impressive.


Momiji Onsen

  • Address: 2503, Yunoura, Fukiagé-cho, Hioki, Kagoshima
  • Tel: 099-296-5959
  • Opening Hours: Thursday to Tuesday 06:00 - 21:00
  • Closing Days: Every first and third Wednesday
  • Price:JPY 330

5. Yoshimatsu Onsenkyo "Tsurumaru Onsen"

If you like moor hot spring containing plant-derived ingredients with a light scent of oily fragrance, I definitely recommend Tsurumaru Onsen. The shapes of bathtubs are unusual, and the colourful tile art on the wall is lovely. Also, you can enjoy bathing while listening to the jazz music in this onsen, which helps you to relax deeply.



Yoshimatsu Onsenkyo "Tsurumaru Onsen"

  • Address: 622-5, Tsurumaru, Yusui-cho, Aira-gun, Kagoshima
  • Tel: 0995-75-2828
  • Opening Hours: Daily 06:00 - 21:00
  • Price: JPY 200

6. Kimiyoshi Onsen

Kimiyoshi Onsen is decorated with blue tiles, which might catch your eye. However, what is special in Kimiyoshi Onsen is its hot spring water. This onsen offers a salty radioactive spring which is quite unusual. The amount of dissolved substances per 1kg water is 33,610mg, which is extremely large even among Japanese onsens. Soaking in this onsen will awaken your body.


Kimiyoshi Onsen

  • Address: 60, Ómaru, Akune, Kagoshima
  • Tel: 099-672-1174
  • Opening Hours: Daily 13:00 - 19:00
  • Closing Days: Not specified
  • Price: JPY 350

7. Kaigata Onsen "Enoshima Onsen"

Enoshima Onsen is located right close to the sea at the south edge of the Kyushu island. What is amazing in this onsen is its water amount, 60 liters of hot spring water rise up from the ground per minute, and that makes it possible to keep the bath water always fresh. Take a bath in Enoshima Onsen and enjoy the sight of Mt. Sakurajima.


Kaigata Onsen "Enoshima Onsen"

  • Address: 541-1 Kaigata, Tarumizu, Kagoshima
  • Tel: 099-432-0765
  • Opening Hours: Daily 08:30 - 21:00
  • Closing Days: Not specified
  • Price: JPY 250

8. Myoken Onsen "Tajima Honkan"

The Myoken Onsen area is just 15 min bus ride from the Kagoshima airport, and there are a lot of good onsens in this area. Tajima Honkan is one of those good onsens. Tajima Honkan still preserves the traditional bathrooms. They are not gorgeous or modern, but are perfect places if you like a nostalgic charm of Japan.


Myoken Onsen "Tajima Honkan"

  • Address: 4236, Makizonochō Shukukubota, Kirishima, Kagoshima
  • Tel: 099-577-2205
  • Opening Hours: Daily 08:00 - 20:30
  • Price:
    JPY 250 for Bath for Neuralgia
    JPY 250 for Bath for Stomach Flu / Surface Wounds

9. Masakari Onsen

The sight of Masakari Onsen is like a waste land in a Sci-Fi movie. The bathroom is fully covered with the deposited minerals, and that made this curious sight. This is because the hot spring water contains a surprising amount of calcium and magnesium. 


Masakari Onsen

  • Address: 4453-1 Shinjo, Tarumizu, Kagoshima
  • Tel: 099-435-3520
  • Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 - 19:00
  • Closing Days: Monday
  • Price: JPY 330

10. Daikoku Onsen

Daikoku Onsen is just 20 min bus ride from the centre of Kagoshima city. Although the water type is simple thermal spring, it has subtle sulphur fragrance and the touch is exceptionally smooth. Bathing at this onsen will warm your body thoroughly and you won’t feel a chill after bathing.


Daikoku Onsen

  • Address: 8-22-20 Ishiki, Kagoshima, Kagoshima
  • Tel: 099-228-5300
  • Opening Hours: 06:00 - 22:00
  • Price: JPY 390


Although I selected 10 onsens in Kagoshima, there are a lot more good onsens. Click the following button to see others.

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