Myoken Onsen "Tajima Honkan"

Myoken Onsen "Tajima Honkan"

With the manager  Naoko Enami  in front of the building

With the manager Naoko Enami in front of the building

Tajima Honkan, appearance

We visited Myoken Onsen "Tajima Honkan" in Makizonochō Shukukubota, Kirishima. Tajima Honkan is the first onsen in the Myoken area, and has 170 years of history. It also has restaurant and inn facilities.

Tajima Honkan, reception

He is a reception staff member Tsutomu. Tajima Honkan has two bath - Bath for Neuralgia and Bath for Stomach Flu and Surface Wounds - and it costs JPY 250 for each. When we asked him that we wanted to take both baths, he was a little bit surprised and said "You are so young! lol"

Tajima Honkan, dressing room

This is the dressing area in the bathroom, it is very simple, and there is no separate dressing room.

Tajima Honkan, bath

This is the Bath for Neuralgia. The big bathtub is placed on the centre of the room, this is an unusual design and the room is filled with the nostalgic charm. The water treats, as shown in the name, neuralgia.

Tajima Honkan, faucet

 The water type is sodium bicarbonate saline spring, and is not recycled. When we took the picture, the water colour was slightly white, however, it can be light green depending on the weather conditions. 

Tajima Honkan, bather

He is a frequent bather Tadao who is 82 years old. When he suffered with knee pain, his friend recommended him to go to Tajima Honkan for the treatment. He doubted about it, however, once he tried, his pain eased. Since then, he has been coming to Tajima Honkan for many years.

Tajima Honkan, bath 2

This is the Bath for Stomach Flu and Surface Wounds. The bath on the near side is for stomach flu, and the one on the far side is for surface wounds. Both of the water are sodium bicarbonate saline spring, but the mineral compositions are different. During Satsuma Rebellion, injured soldiers were transferred here to cure the wounds. There also is utaseyu (waterfall shower) at the back of this room. It is located at the riverside and half open-air, you can bathe while feeling breeze and listening the sound of river.

Tajima Honkan, manager

She is the manager Naoko, she has been working for Tajima Honkan for 7 years. She says the recommended seasons are spring, early summer, and autumn in which you can see amazing natural sceneries. She wants to preserve the nostalgic charm of Tajima Honkan while attracting new customers, especially young people. We deeply agree with her, we hope young people will visit here to enjoy this traditional public bathhouse and the excellent hot spring.

Tajima Honkan, view

Tajima Honkan is located along with the Amori river. The view and sound of the calm river will let you relax deeply.




Name: Myoken Onsen "Tajima Honkan"

Address: 4236, Makizonochō Shukukubota, Kirishima, Kagoshima

Tel: 099-577-2205

Access (Car): 47 min from the centre of Kagoshima city. 16 min from the Kagoshima airport

Parking Lot: 20

Opening Hours: Daily 08:00 - 20:30

Price: JPY 250 for Bath for Neuralgia, JPY 250 for Bath for Stomach Flu / Surface Wounds

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