Kirishima Yunotani Sanso

Kirishima Yunotani Sanso

With the 4th owner  Yujiro Baba , in front of the nameboard

With the 4th owner Yujiro Baba, in front of the nameboard

Yunotani Sanso, signboard

We visited "Kirishima Yunotani Sanso" in Makizono-chō Takachiho, Kirishima. This is the signboard, go straight on this road.

Yunotani Sanso, appearance

After climbing up the hill, you can find the building on the right side. It is located in the woods.

Yunotani Sanso, owner

The 4th owner Yujiro welcomed us at the reception. He is still 28 years old and managing Yunotani Sanso with his father (the 3rd owner).

Yunotani Sanso, dressing room

After paying the entrance fee, go up to the second floor to get to the bathroom. In the dressing room, there are some open compartments which cannot be locked. 

Yunotani Sanso, baths

What is special in Yunotani Sanso is that the bathroom is equipped with three baths. The bathtub on the far side contains hot & cloudy sulphur spring water, the one on the near side contains warm carbon dioxide spring water, and the one between them contains the mixed water with the moderate temperature. You can start soaking from the warm bath, then the moderate bath, and finally take the hot bath. We think that is the best way to enjoy bathing in Yunotani Sanso.

Yunotani Sanso, faucet

The water is not circulated and artificially heated up. Also no cold water is added. Thus, it is used "as is." They say the water treats neuralgia and rheumatism. Also, drinking the water is good for stomach flu and constipation.

Yunotani Sanso, bathers

A frequent bather Hisato (the left man in the picture) has been coming to Yunotani Sanso almost everyday (he said about 340 days a year) for 30 years. While Tomohisa (the right man in the picture) comes here a couple of times a year on his vacations. Actually, this was the first time they met each other (can you believe it?), however, they seem to be old friends in this picture. This shows how the experience of bathing together can make the relationship closer as said in the Japanese word "Hadaka no tsukiai (naked communion)."

Yunotani Sanso, open-air bath

There is also an open-air bath in Yunotani Sanso. The owner recommends bathing in the open-air bath in October or November because you can see beautiful autumn leaves from the bath. Soaking in cloudy white water while watching red autumn leaves should be a fantastic experience.




Name: Kirishima Yunotani Sanso

Address: 4970 Makizono-chō Takachiho, Kirishima, Kagoshima

Tel: 099-578-2853

Access (Car): 1 hour 4 min from the centre of Kagoshima city. 30 min from the Kagoshima airport

Parking Lot: 30

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 - 15:00 (last entry at 14:00, and exclusive for hotel guests from 16:00)

Closing Days: Not specified

Price: JPY 500

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Kurinodake Onsen "Nansyukan"

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