Kaigata Onsen "Enoshima Onsen"

Kaigata Onsen "Enoshima Onsen"

With the owner  Eisuke Ikeda , in front of the reception

With the owner Eisuke Ikeda, in front of the reception

Enoshima Onsen, appearance

We visited Kaigata Onsen "Enoshima Onsen" located in Kaigata, Tarumizu in the Osumi peninsula. To get this onsen, go along with the Sata road and turn to the passage leading the sea. It is situated really close to the seacoast.

Enoshima Onsen, building

After passing the name board, you can find a building with the traditional blue and red curtains at the men and women entrances. We love this attractive design.

Enoshima Onsen, owner

The owner Eisuke Ikeda welcomed us with a smile at the reception. He is one of the youngest owner we have ever met. He resigned the job in Tokyo and came back to Kagoshima when he was 35 years old to inherit Enoshima Onsen from his grandfather.

Enoshima Onsen, dressing room

The dressing room is simple, but well maintained and clean. As there are no lockers, you need to keep your valuables by yourself.

Enoshima Onsen, bath

The bathroom is nicely designed. The bathtub, floor, and wall are all brown coloured, and the wood gives the room a relaxing feeling. The roof was reformed when Eisuke inherited this onsen because it was almost falling, however, the others including the bathtub are almost the same as when they were build.

Enoshima Onsen, faucet

Look at this! The hot spring water is gushing out of the faucet. In both men's and women's bath, 60 liters of water is gushing every minute. As this amount is quite unusual even in Japan, many onsen lovers come from far away. Also, that enables the bath water to let out old water from the tub and keep freshness. The water is simple thermal sulphur spring and said to be good for rheumatism and back pain.

Enoshima Onsen, bathers

Kiichiro (left) who comes to Enoshima Onsen everyday, and Kazunobu (right) who comes at least once a week. They both like the hot spring water of this onsen, and recommended us to take a hot bath and cold bath one after the other in a hot summer day.

Enoshima Onsen, cold bath

This cement bath contains cold water. Fresh cold water is always flowing into this bath as well. As the frequent bathers say, taking a cold bath after having a long soak in a hot bath is really refreshing!

Enoshima Onsen, sakura-jima

This is the view from Enoshima Onsen. A spectacular view of Sakurajima volcano over the sea. The name "Enoshima" derives from the name of the desolated island in this picture which is located in front of Sakurajima. We hope Enoshima Onsen and this fantastic view will be preserved in the future for the next generation.




Name: Kaigata Onsen "Enoshima Onsen"

Address: 541-1 Kaigata, Tarumizu, Kagoshima

Tel: 099-432-0765

Access (Car): 55 min from the centre of Kagoshima city. 55 min from the Kagoshima airport

Parking Lot: 7

Opening Hours: Daily 08:30 - 21:00

Closing Days: Not specified

Price: JPY 250

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