The 9 Private/Family Onsen Baths in Kumamoto

The 9 Private/Family Onsen Baths in Kumamoto


In recent years, private/family baths have been getting popular in Japan. Many people want to take a bath privately without being seen or disturbed by others, or only with the family or friends. And those onsens are getting popular among foreign tourists as well. This article features onsens in Kumamoto which offer private/family onsen bath. Of course, all the onsens listed here are genuine ones!

1. Ryokan Sachigaoka

Sachigakoka is located at Hinagu, Yatsushiro. The hot spring water of Sachigaoka is crystal clear and has rich sulphur fragrance, which will attract you if you once see it. And, you would be delightful once you soak in it. You can enjoy such an excellent bath exclusively by using a private/family bath.


Ryokan Sachigaoka

  • Address: 394 Hinagukami Nishimachi, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0965-38-3016
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 - 20:30
  • Closing Days: Tuesday
  • Price (Private/Family Bath): JPY 500/h for a person

2. Hagenoyu Onsen "Horei no yu"

Horei no yu is located at Oguni which is in the middle of Aso mountains. This onsen offers a white-blue hot spring with the spectacular view of the mountains. Of course, the colour is natural, not artificially modified. Soaking at such an open environment would be so relaxing. Also, the private/family baths are available 24h.


Horei no yu

  • Address: 2917 Nishizato, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0967-46-5525
  • Opening Hours: Daily 8:00 - 19:00
  • Closing Days: None
  • Price (Private/Family Bath): JPY 800 to 1500 per hour

3. Oyubune Onsenkan

Oyubune Onsenkan is located at Ubuyama village where you can enjoy beautiful nature. This onsen offers a sodium bicarbonate saline spring which can warm up your body thoroughly and get rid of your fatigue. If you are tired of working in the city, visit Oyubune Onsenkan to de-stress yourself.


Oyubune Onsenkan

  • Address: 1448 Ubuyama, Ubuyama-mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0967-25-2654
  • Opening Hours: 07:00 - 22:00
  • Closing Days: Every third Thursday
  • Price (Private/Family Bath): JPY 1200/h

4. Hitoyoshi Onsen "Hanamaki Onsen"

Although there are a lot of hot springs in Hitoyoshi, Hanamaki Onsen is unique. That is because this onsen offers a carbonated hot spring containing countless fine bubbles. Soaking in Hanamaki Onsen would be as if soaking in Sprite! This onsen is strongly carbonated enough for you to experience the difference to normal hot springs.


Hanamaki Onsen

  • Address: 1518 Shimoharadamachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0966-22-6981
  • Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 - 22:00
  • Price (Private/Family Bath): JPY 1700/h

5. Uchinomaki Onsen "Aso no yu"

The next one is Aso no yu which is located at Aso. This onsen is a simple thermal spring, and is colourless, odorless, and tasteless. It is quite simple as indicated in the type name; however, you won’t get tired of it because of its simplicity. Taking a long soak in Aso no yu would be a great relaxation.


Aso no yu

  • Address: 6 Ozato, Aso, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0967-32-1521
  • Opening Hours: 12:00 - 23:00 (last entry at 22:00)
  • Closing Days: Every first Tuesday
  • Price (Private/Family Bath): JPY 1200 for 50 min

6. Hinagu Onsen "Matsu no yu"

Matsu no yu is located at Hinagu, Yatsushiro. The bathroom floor of Matsu no yu is fully tiled, and its blue bathtub is really lovely and nostalgic. Also, the private/family bath has the wall made by Japanese cypress called Hinoki, thus the room is filled with its elegant fragrance. That makes the bath time more relaxing.


Matsu no yu

  • Address: 380-1 Hinagunaka Nishimachi, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 096-538-0573
  • Opening Hours: 08:30 - 20:30
  • Closing Days: Every second and fourth Tuesday
  • Price (Private/Family Bath): JPY 1500/h

7. Hitoyoshi Onsen "Hitoyoshi Ryokan"

This is Hitoyoshi Ryokan located at Hitoyoshi. The building was built in 1930, and is registered as a national cultural property, and what makes this onsen unusual is that there is a bench in the bathtub for the shared bath. Although, there is not a bench in the private/family bath, the water is the same, it’s really good.


Hitoyoshi Ryokan

  • Address: 160 Kamiaoimachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0966-22-3141
  • Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 - 21:00
  • Price (Private/Family Bath): JPY 600/h for a person

8. Kumairi Onsen Centre

The next one is Kumairi Onsen Centre which is located at Yamaga. The onsen is a simple thermal spring with gentle smooth touch of water. Kumairi Onsen Centre offers a very economic price, 4 people (2 adults and 2 children) at the maximum can use the private/family bath only for JPY 700. That's a great value!


Kumairi Onsen Centre

  • Address: 72 Kumairimachi, Yamaga, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0968-44-5810
  • Opening Hours: 06:00 - 22:30
  • Closing Days: Every first and third Wednesday
  • Price (Private/Family Bath): JPY 700

9. Kikuchi Onsen "Shironoi Onsen"

The last one is Shironoi Onsen which is located at Kikuchi. In this onsen, 300 liters of hot spring water gushes per minute, which is quite large even in hot springs in Japan. Like the other hot springs in this area, the water has silky smooth touch, which is reputed as Bijin no yu (bath for beauty). You can enjoy the excellent water in the big private/family bath.


Shironoi Onsen

  • Address: 1375 Waifu, Kikuchi, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0968-25-1188
  • Opening Hours: Daily 06:00 - 23:00
  • Price (Private/Family Bath): JPY 1200 for 50 min


There are a lot of genuine onsens in Kumamoto. When you go to Kumamoto, please visit other onsens as well.

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