Kumairi Onsen Centre

Kumairi Onsen Centre

With  Susumu Nakahara , the chairman of Kumairi Onsen Union, in front of the entrance

With Susumu Nakahara, the chairman of Kumairi Onsen Union, in front of the entrance

We visited “Kumairi Onsen Centre” in Kumairimachi, Yamaga, Kumamoto. Although this bathhouse opened in 1964, the onsen was discovered 700 years ago. Since it opened, Kumairi Onsen Centre has been operated by Kumairi Onsen Union which consists of four families who are the descendants of the discoverer.

In the parking area, there is a public well. Many people comes here to get onsen water that is said to be good for diabetes.

You can find the reception on your immediate left through the door.

This is the dressing room. Although not shown in this picture, lockers are also available. The message “思いやり (omoiyari)” means “Be considerate to others.” As Kumairi Onsen Centre is always crowded, everyone should be respectful to others.

The water is alkaline simple thermal spring, and is very soft. They say it treats atopy and skin diseases.

Each bathtub has each hot spring source, and all of them supply a large amount of water.

There are three baths in the bathroom. The first bath is warm, the second is hot, and the third is for finishing off. You can enjoy these baths step-by-step. Many frequent bathers like to take a long soak in the first bath while chatting with friends.

In the second floor, there is a lounge.

He is the chairman of Kumairi Onsen UnionSusumu Nakahara, he sometimes teaches the history of Kumairi Onsen in local elementary schools. There used to be several ryokans in the Kumairi area, and it was thriving. The dance performed in the summer festival still represents memories of that age.

This is Nichirinji Temple located close to Kumairi Onsen Centre. People comes to this temple to give thanks to the discoverer of Kumaiti Onsen on the anniversary of his death every year.




Name: Kumairi Onsen Centre

Address: 72 Kumairimachi, Yamaga, Kumamoto

Tel: 0968-44-5810

Access (Car): 49 min from the centre of Kumamoto city. 45 min from the Kumamoto airport

Parking Lot: 30

Opening Hours: 06:00 - 22:30

Closing Days: Every first and third Wednesday

Price: JPY 200

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