Hajjiri Kósenyu

Hajjiri Kósenyu

With the owner Mr. Kazumi Fujisaki at the room used to be a diner

With the owner Mr. Kazumi Fujisaki at the room used to be a diner

Hajjiri kósenyu, board

We visited "Hajjiri Kósenyu" in Minamikyushu city. It is located in the middle of the mountain. The name Hajjiri (八尻 in Japanese where 八 means eight) derives from the fact that the place was surrounded by eight mountains in the past.

Hajjiri kósenyu, appearance

The lodge used be in another place, but moved to the current location in 1983. 

Hajjiri kósenyu, locker

The compartments in the dressing room are open. If you worry about your valuables, we recommend you to leave them in your car.

Hajjiri kósenyu, bath

The water looks brown in this picture. But it is due to the colour of the bottom of the bathtub, the water itself is almost transparent. The water temperature is comfortable, and the quality is excellent as well. 

Hajjiri kósenyu, faucet

The water flows out of the faucet at a certain interval. The kósen water (kósen is cool spring whereas onsen is hot spring) is heated for this bath. As the water amount is limited, every bather uses water carefully. The kósen was opened by an ancestor of the current owner Kazumi, while the ancestor was digging in a goldmine.

Hajjiri kósenyu, bather

He is a frequent bather Tomoharu, he has been coming to this kósen for two years. The reputation was spread by word of mouth. The owner says that a bather came here recommended by his doctor.

Hajjiri kósenyu, owner

He is the owner Kazumi. He is over 80 years old, but he is still very energetic and humorous. During our interview, he always answered our questions with wit. He now wants to remake the lodge, and also has the strong confidence on the water quality.




Name: Hajjiri Kósenyu

Address: 8665-17, Kamiyamada, Kawanabe-cho, Minamikyushu, Kagoshima

Tel: 099-357-3243

Access (Car): 1 hour 18 min from the centre of Kagoshima city. 1 hour 33 min from the Kagoshima airport

Parking Lot: 10

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 13:00 - 19:00

Closing Days: Monday, Tuesday

Price: JPY 400

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