Fukiagé Onsen "Shinyu Onsen Ryokan"

Fukiagé Onsen "Shinyu Onsen Ryokan"

With the manager Ms. Yumiko Mitsuzawa, at the entrance

With the manager Ms. Yumiko Mitsuzawa, at the entrance

Shinyu Onsen Ryokan, appearance

We visited Fukiagé Onsen "Shinyu Onsen Ryokan" in Unoura, Fukiagé-cho, Hioki. The entrance on the left side in the picture is that to the bath. Majority of their customers are locals and people from the centre of Kagoshima city.

Shinyu Onsen Ryokan, dog

They have a dog named "Hó-chan," he may be sleeping. The dog is loved by many frequent bathers. The manager says he sometimes goes around in the neighborhood, and a frequent bather gets him back to the Shinyu Onsen Ryokan.

Shinyu Onsen Ryokan, locker

The dressing room is very clean and big. There are also lockers in the room. The locker doors were reformed by a frequent bather. That story tells us how Shinyu Onsne Ryokan and their customers are connected.

Shinyu Onsen Ryokan, bath

The bath is filled with the sulphur water coloured tea-like deep green. The colour changes depending on the weather conditions, it gets cloudy in a rainy day, and the amount of depositions also changes. The water source produces large amount of water, so you can enjoy the water as much as you like. As if you were a child, you can dump the water over your head, and do it again & again if you like.

Shinyu Onsen Ryokan, faucet

The water is not recycled, the amount of water is really abundant. There are two hot spring (onsen) sources, one is 43°C (109.4°F) and the other is 67°C (152.6°F). They also have a cool spring (kósen) source. All of them are mixed together in the baths in Shinyu Onsen Ryokan. Each of the three different sources brings different benefits, that makes the water rich. They say the water is good for skin diseases, some bathers say you don't need a skin lotion if you take a bath here everyday.

Shinyu Onsen Ryokan, bathers

They are Kazunori and Motomu. They bathe here everyday and enjoy chatting as well. Chatting in the bath makes the personal relationship closer. The manager Yumiko says bathers are making some chatting group in each time period, and they come here to see friends.

Shinyu Onsen Ryokan, manager

She is the manager Yumiko. She is very positive and always tries to make customers happy. She says she wants to make Shinyu Onsen Ryokan more attractive so that everyone could enjoy the stay in Shinyu Onsen Ryokan.




Name: Fukiagé Onsen "Shinyu Onsen Ryokan"

Address: 1194, Yunoura, Fukiagé-cho, Hioki, Kagoshima

Tel: 099-296-2250

Access (Car): 39 min from the centre of Kagoshima city. 53 min from the Kagoshima airport

Parking Lot: 50

Opening Hours: Daily 06:30 - 22:00

Closing Days: Every third Tuesday

Price: JPY 330

Hajjiri Kósenyu

Hajjiri Kósenyu

Suwa Onsen

Suwa Onsen