Hishikari Onsen "Kame no yu"

Hishikari Onsen "Kame no yu"

At the entrance, with the manager Ms.  Kikko

At the entrance, with the manager Ms. Kikko

kamenoyu, appearance

We visited Hishikari Onsen "Kame no yu" in Hishikari, Isa.

kamenoyu, manager

The manager Ms. Kikko (亀甲) welcomed us at the reception. The name "Kame no yu (亀の湯 in Japanese)" derives from her name (the first character "亀" is also the first character of her family name.  "亀" means "turtle," thus, the name literally means "water of turtle"). The old pink telephone reminded us of the good-old time.

kamenoyu, locker

This is the dressing room. The locker is very clean; however, it cannot be locked with a key. We recommend you to bring your valuables with you while bathing. The woody boxes and bench produce the traditional atmosphere. 

kamenoyu, baths

There are two baths, the left one, which is close to the faucet, contains hot water, and the other contains warm water. The clear simple thermal water is glossy and makes your skin smooth.

kamenoyu, faucet

This is the picture of natural water flowing out of the faucet, the amount is abundant.

kamenoyu, bathers

They are regular customers (Mr. Hayashi, Mr. Nomoto, and Mr. Uchikura). They said that the water relieves their tired body. That is a reason why they come regularly, and also, of course, another reason is to chat with friends. In Japan, onsen is a place for social interaction from the old time.

kamenoyu, aisle

This is the aisle outside of the bath room, you can feel the breeze and relax yourself here after bathing. 

kamenoyu, field




Name: Hishikari Onsen "Kame no yu"

Address: 191, HishikarikawaMinami, Isa, Kagoshima

Tel: 099-526-0975

Access (Car): 1 hour from the centre of Kagoshima city. 30 min from the Kagoshima airport

Parking Lot: 40

Opening Hours: Daily 06:00 - 21:00

Price: JPY 200

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