Udomaru Onsen

Udomaru Onsen

At the entrance, with the owner's dog called "Crow"

At the entrance, with the owner's dog called "Crow"

udomaru onsen, entrance

We visited "Udomaru Onsen" in Isa city. Although many tourists come to "Udomaru Onsen," we can say it is hard to get there. As there are no signboards, many tourists get lost on their way to the destination. And, finally, they ask locals to get to the place. So, if you get lost, we recommend you to ask locals.

udomaru onsen, door

The price is only 100 yen! Make sure to pay it in advance (this sign says you should pay 3000 yen if you don't pay in advance). When you cannot find reception staff, ring the bell.  

Udomaru onsen, locker

The dressing room is not equipped with lockers. However, the room is located next to the bath room, and you can see the dressing room from the bath room through transparent glass doors.

udomaru onsen, bath

This onsen uses two water sources, the waters are mixed together in this bath. One is the water coming from Hishikari Kozan and the other is the water from the source digged in the Taisho era (early 1900s). They say the water is good for cuts and scratches. A lot of depositions pile on the edge of the bathtub. 

udomaru onsen, faucet

From the faucet, the water springs into the bath. According to the onsen information hanged on the room, the temperature is approx. 46.5°C (115.7°F). It is really hot! Make sure to pour the water to your body before soaking in the water. Because of its temperature, the owner says, the recommended season is winter.

udomaru onsen, bather

Mr. Kiyotaka has been coming to this onsen for a long time. He also says the water is good for cuts.

udomaru onsen, depositions

The floor is filled with depositions (black things in this picture) from the water. It looks like a turtle shell.

udomaru onsen, small shrine




Name: Udomaru Onsen

Address: 1109, HishikarikawaMinami, Isa, Kagoshima

Tel: 099-526-2559

Access (Car): 59 min from the centre of Kagoshima city. 29 min from the Kagoshima airport

Parking Lot: 20

Opening Hours: 06:00 - 18:00

Closing Days: Not specified

Price: JPY 100

Shibi Onsen "Kami no yu"

Shibi Onsen "Kami no yu"

Hishikari Onsen "Kame no yu"

Hishikari Onsen "Kame no yu"