The 8 Onsens You Should Visit in Hitoyoshi

The 8 Onsens You Should Visit in Hitoyoshi


The eighth article in our selection series is “The 8 Onsens You Should Visit in Hitoyoshi.” Hitoyoshi is a big onsen town in Kumamoto, and there are many hot springs with the nostalgic charm in this area. We’ve selected excellent hot springs with the excellent environment, please visit Hitoyoshi to experience them!

1. Hitoyoshi Onsen "Motoyu"

The first one is Motoyu. As the name indicates, Motoyu (“moto” means “origin” in Japanese) is one of the oldest hot springs in Hitoyoshi. The hot spring water comes from under the ruin of Hitoyoshi castle, it is a little bit hot but good for soaking. Motoyu is very popular among the locals as well.



  • Address: 9 Fumotomachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0966-24-1950
  • Opening Hours: 06:00 - 22:00
  • Closing Days: New Year's Day
  • Price: JPY 200

2. Hitoyoshi Onsen "Ganjyoji Onsen"

Ganjyoji Onsen has the gourd-shaped bathtubs that are so unique and lovely. The combination of these tubs and the painting hung on the wall creates the 1950s atmosphere. Of course, the quality of the hot spring is outstanding, the water is slightly yellow-coloured and soaking at this bath is quite soothing.


Ganjyoji Onsen

  • Address: 402-1 Ganjōjimachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 096-624-6556
  • Opening Hours: Daily 06:00 - 23:00
  • Price: JPY 200

3. Hitoyoshi Onsen "Hanamaki Onsen"

In Hitoyoshi, moor hot springs (a hot spring containing botanical ingredients) are common; however, Hanamaki Onsen offers an uncommon soda hot spring. The hot spring is carbonated and thus contains fine bubbles. When you soak in the bath, the bubbles will attach to your skin and that would be a great experience.


Hanamaki Onsen

  • Address: 1518 Shimoharadamachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0966-22-6981
  • Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 - 22:00
  • Price: JPY 400

4. Hitoyoshi Onsen "Shin Onsen"

If you like the nostalgic charm and nicely-aged architecture, Shin Onsen will definitely meet your interest. The building was built more than 80 years ago and is still used almost as is. The nostalgic charm has been attracting many locals and tourists.


Shin Onsen

  • Address: 80-2 Kōyamachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0966-22-2020
  • Opening Hours: 13:00 - 22:00
  • Closing Days: Every first Monday
  • Price: JPY 300

5. Hitoyoshi Onsen "Tsurukame Onsen"

Tsurukame Onsen would be the luckiest hot spring in Hitoyoshi. The name “tsurukame” is a lucky word in Japanese, and, in addition, the faucets are shaped as Daikoku and Ebisu which are two of Seven Lucky Gods called Shichifukujin in Japan. Bathing at the water coming through these faucets might bring you a good fortune.


Tsurukame Onsen

  • Address: 1120-6 Kawarayamachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0966-22-3221
  • Opening Hours: 14:00 - 20:30
  • Closing Days: Every second and fourth Monday
  • Price: JPY 300

6. Hitoyoshi Onsen "Shirasaghi no yu"

If you want to fully stretch your body in the bathtub, Shirasaghi no yu will fulfill your wish. The bathtub in this onsen is about one meter deep, it’s like a swimming pool rather than a bathtub. Soaking in this moor hot spring and stretching the body will be quite relaxing.


Shirasaghi no yu

  • Address: 2647-2 Shimobayashimachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 096-622-3420
  • Opening Hours: 08:00 - 22:30
  • Closing Days: New Year’s Holidays
  • Price: JPY 200

7. Hitoyoshi Onsen "Hitoyoshi Ryokan"

Hitoyoshi Ryokan is an unusual hot spring even in Hitoyoshi. The building was built in 1930, and is registered as a national cultural property, and what makes this onsen unusual is that there is a bench in the bathtub. Hence, you can sit on it while soaking, this is really unusual even in countless onsens in Japan. Also, the hot spring is good as well, it has a silky smooth touch.


Hitoyoshi Ryokan

  • Address: 160 Kamiaoimachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0966-22-3141
  • Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 - 21:00
  • Price: JPY 600

8. Hitoyoshi Onsen "Tsutsumi Onsen"

If you like both Japanese saké and onsen, you will surely like Tsutsumi Onsen, because this onsen is operated by a saké brewery “Sengetsu Shuzo” and is located next to the brewery. The brewery offers a visitor tour daily and you can taste saké during that tour. Drinking saké after soaking in onsen would be a fantastic experience!


Tsutsumi Onsen

  • Address: 1 Shinmachi, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
  • Tel: 0966-22-3207 (Sengetsu Shuzo)
  • Opening Hours: Daily 05:00 - 08:00, 10:00 - 23:00
  • Price: JPY 200


Although I selected 10 onsens in Hitoyoshi, there are a lot more good onsens. Click the following button to see others.

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