Kodakarajima Island -  Yudomari Onsen

Kodakarajima Island - Yudomari Onsen

With  Akiyo Iwashita  in front of Yudomariso Inn

With Akiyo Iwashita in front of Yudomariso Inn

Masyonoyu, ship

We visited "Yudomari Onsen" in Kodakarajima Island in Toshima, Kagoshima. It takes about 12 hours from the Kagoshima port taking the ferry Tokara.

Masyonoyu, ocean

The ferry Tokara regularly offers two services a week, but it may change depending on the weather and sea conditions. You can check the latest information on the ferry website. Make sure to check it before planning the trip.

Masyonoyu, drive

It only takes 30 minutes to go round the island on foot, and takes 15 minutes from the port to Yudomari Onsen. A kind man working for the local public office sent us to the onsen by his car. Thanks! 

Masyonoyu, signboard

Yudomari Onsen is situated on the seacoast, this is the signboard.

Masyonoyu, board

As this onsen only has a mixed bath (one bath for both men & women), there is a board to indicate who is bathing or not. In this picture, it indicates "No one (いない)". The other indicators are "Men (おとこ)", "Women (おんな)", and "Family (かぞく)". Please check this board before go forward to the bath.

Masyonoyu, bath

This is Yudomari Onsen, which is located right next to the sea. The cloudy water on the left-bottom of the picture is sulphur hot spring, and it is sent to the bathtub. As the original hot spring temperature is really high, seawater is added to adjust the bath temperature. As a result, the bath contains almost hot seawater...

Masyonoyu, bubble

The water is bubbling up from the bottom in the hot spring source.

Masyonoyu, bather

Miki (the name of the man in the bath) and his wife (upper-left) come to Yudomari Onsen everyday. In a hot summer day, he generally only takes a shower. However, this time, he cooperated with our photo shooting and soaked in the bath. Miki's wife were warmly watching her husband soaking in the bath, it's a lovely scene.

Masyonoyu, sky 1

We took a bath at night, we were able to see the beautiful stars without a cloud.

Masyonoyu, moon

While we were bathing, the moon was rising from the horizon. Awesome contrast.

Masyonoyu, bath 2

There also is "Masyo-no-yu" which contains high density of salt. The word "Masyo" means Salt in local dialect. The left one is the hot spring source. This spring was used for making salt in the past, and these days almost no one takes a bath here.

Masyonoyu, guide

He is Katsumi who provides a free island guide to visitors. He taught us a special place where you can always feel a breeze even in a hot summer day. He said that laying a sheet and sleeping here is the best way to spend time in summer. 

Masyonoyu, view

Katsumi says the island was created by a volcanic activity more than 10 million thousands ago. That is the reason why many strange rocks exist in the island. He also says the shape of the island is still gradually changing. 

Masyonoyu, view

The mountains look like a woman (pregnant woman) laying on her back. 

Masyonoyu, ocean

This is Atachigami swimming place close to Yudomari Onsen.

Masyonoyu, ship

A ship leaving the island comes early in the morning, Kodakarajima is a tiny island but there is a lot to see, the time have passed so fast.




Name:  Kodakarajima Island -  Yudomari Onsen

Address: 20 Kodakarajima, Toshima, Kagoshima

Tel: 09912-4-2221

Access: 10 min from the Kodakarajima island port

Parking Lot: 10

Opening Hours: 24/7

Price: Free

Kaigata Onsen "Enoshima Onsen"

Kaigata Onsen "Enoshima Onsen"

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Myoken Onsen "Rakuenso"