Nigatsuden Onsen "Tonosama yu"

Nigatsuden Onsen "Tonosama yu"

With the owner  Kazuko Imabayashi , at the reception

With the owner Kazuko Imabayashi, at the reception

Nigatsuden Onsen, appearance

We visited Nigatsuden Onsen "Tonosama yu" in Nishikata, Ibusuki. This onsen was loved by the lords of the Shimazu family, and is a really time-honored.

Nigatsuden Onsen, dressing room

The dressing room is simple, there is no locker. It is filled with a relaxing atmosphere.

Nigatsuden Onsen, bath

The emblem of the Shimazu family is designed on the bathtub, because Nigatsuden Onsen had been loved by the lords of the Shimazu family since the era of the 27th lord Narioki Shimazu. The water is a little bit hot, however you can ease your body deeply once you soak in the bath. We felt we could understand why this onsen was loved by the lords.

Nigatsuden Onsen, bath memo

The water container next to the bathtub is filled with hot water. If you like bathing in hot water, you can pull the yellow plug out, then the hot water flows into the bathtub. However, we don't think you need to do that because the original bath temperature is hot enough. If you like bathing in really hot water, you should pull out.

Nigatsuden Onsen, bather

Hiroshi (the name of the man in the picture) comes to Nigatsuden Onsen with his wife for the first time in 20 years. He said "We are going around onsens everyday after I retired from the job." The water is hot, but really de-stressing.

Nigatsuden Onsen, owner

She is the owner Kazuko, her smile is lovely. She is the 3rd owner since the Imabayashi family started managing this onsen. She is 90 years old now, however, she is still energetic and her skin is so smooth thanks to the benefit of Nigatsuden Onsen. She says she has almost not bathed in other baths since she was born.

Nigatsuden Onsen, shirine

There is a shrine dedicated to the hot spring source (which is a gift from the nature/ god) next to Nigatsuden Onsen. As this onsen is loved by the Shimazu lords, it is gorgeous. In the Ibusuki Onsen festival, mikoshi starts from here.




Name: Nigatsuden Onsen "Tonosama yu"

Address: 1408-27 Nishikata, Ibusuki, Kagoshima

Tel: 099-322-2827

Access (Car): 1 hour 2 min from the centre of Kagoshima city. 1 hour 17 min from the Kagoshima airport

Parking Lot: 20

Opening Hours: 07:00 - 21:00

Closing Days: Friday (opens on national holidays, Summer and New Year holidays)

Price: JPY 300

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