Koyamada Onsen "Yunohana Onsen"

Koyamada Onsen "Yunohana Onsen"

With the manager Saori Tokudome, in front of the entrance

With the manager Saori Tokudome, in front of the entrance

Yunohana Onsen, appearance

We visited Koyamada Onsen "Yunohana Onsen" in Koyamada-cho, Kagoshima city. Yunohana Onsen opened 33 years ago and the building was also built at that time.

Yunohana Onsen, owner

The owner Saori welcomed us with a smile at the reception. She used to live in Shiga prefecture, and moved to Kagoshima with her husband 5 years ago to inherit Yunohana Onsen when it almost discontinued.

Yunohana Onsen, locker

The dressing room is well maintained and clean, also there are lockers to keep your valuables.

Yunohana Onsen, bath

The bathroom is big, and warm (not too hot) water always flows out of the faucet. The water is weak alkaline and categorized as simple thermal spring, and the touch is really smooth. Many bathers say that the water makes the skin so smooth after bathing. 

Yunohana Onsen, faucet

The water flows like a waterfall, you can sit under the faucet to dump the water over your neck or shoulders. It is called Utaseyu (literally means "beating water") in Japanese.

Yunohana Onsen, bather

Megumi (name of the man in the picture) comes to Yunohana Onsen at least once a week. He is 85 years old, but his skin is really smooth thanks to the benefits of the water.

Yunohana Onsen, owner

The owner Saori says the recommended season is summer because the water is not too hot. However, the peak season is winter. In winter, bathers spend a longer time in the bath to warm up their bodies.

Yunohana Onsen, pot

There is a big pot in front of the dressing room, maybe an adult can fit in it. Customers used to put coins (entrance fee) into this pot, but it was really time consuming to get the coins out of this pot, the owner told us with a laugh. 




Name: Koyamada Onsen "Yunohana Onsen"

Address: 3807, Koyamada-cho, Kagoshima, Kagoshima

Tel: 099-238-5000

Access (Car): 22 min from the centre of Kagoshima city. 34 min from the Kagoshima airport

Parking Lot: 30

Opening Hours: 13:00 - 21:00

Closing Days: Wednesday

Price: JPY 390

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