Unzen Kojigoku Onsen "Kokumin Syukusya Seiunso"

Unzen Kojigoku Onsen "Kokumin Syukusya Seiunso"

With the manager  Yasuhiro Mori , at the entrance

With the manager Yasuhiro Mori, at the entrance


We visited Unzen Kojigoku Onsen “Kokumin Syukusya Seiunso” in Obamachō Unzen, Unzen, Nagasaki.


Seiunso is a big and famous ryokan in Unzen. Although the exterior is subtle aged, the interior is renovated and clean.


The reception staff welcomed us with a smile at the reception. They were really friendly.


The dressing room is well maintained and clean. There are lockers to keep your valuables safe, they are for free.


This is the big open-air bath which is filled with cloudy-white hot spring water. All the plants in this bathroom are native species, the manager said he would like visitors to enjoy the nature of Unzen while bathing.


The hot spring water is weak acidic sulphur spring with the pH value of 4.3, which is soft and gentle to the skin. It is said bathing at Seiunso can ease heat rash or pimples. The water had been used for a medicinal therapy from a long time ago, still in these days, some bathers bring back the water to use it in their home.


Hiroyuki comes to Seiunso several times every year from Karatsu with the family. He really likes the white colour, fragrance, and the touch of this water. He said he feels “This is the genuine onsen!” every time he takes a bath in Seiunso. We agree with him.


There is also a big indoor bath in Seiunso. It contains cloudy-white water as well.


Seiunso opened in July, 1959 as “Unzen Youth Hostel.” It was the biggest youth hostel in Japan at that time. Currently, Seiunso is owned by Nagasaki Motor Bus, and runs as one of Kokumin Syukusya (ryokans or hotels selected by a Japanese resort plan).


Although it is not generally disclosed, the manager showed us the hot spring source called “Kojigoku” which is their private property unlike other hot spring sources. Kojigoku has a long history, and, according to a record, Yoshida Shōin visited here in the past. 440 tons of hot spring water gushes out per day, and the water is directly sent from here to all the bathtubs, hence the baths are always filled with the super fresh water. That makes Seiunso an exceptional hot spring in Unzen.




Name: Unzen Kojigoku Onsen “Kokumin Syukusya Seiunso”

Address: 500-1 Obamachō Unzen, Unzen, Nagasaki

Tel: 0957-73-3273

Access (Car): 1 hour 13 min from the centre of Nagasaki City. 1 hour 18 min from the Nagasaki airport

Parking Lot: 200

Opening Hours: Daily 10:30 - 18:00 

Price: JPY 660

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